What products will look different than Year One?

Handbook - The new handbook has more concise Bible study sections, as well as shorter memory verses. The format has been streamlined with kids and leaders in mind to make for an easy-to-use discipleship experience. In this book, kids will also be given an opportunity to memorize the books of the Bible, and to bring a friend to their Awana club.

Essentials - resources to help make club more accessible for a wider range of kids. This version of the handbook allows kids to be part of the group without completing any work before or during club. Though the Essentials version does not come with awards for completion, it will allow for kids of differing abilities and interest levels to still participate in discipleship discussion and activities.

Small Group Guide - This book has been redesigned to flow with the kids’ handbook. The contents of the kids’ handbook pages have been integrated into each lesson with teaching helps, activities, and answers included for leaders within the lesson itself.

Large Group Guide - This book has been simplified and updated with explanations on how to use each section, and a teaching outline that easier to speak from in a large group setting.

Resource Bundle - This collection of downloadable resources includes teaching slides, parent handouts, and updated games and activities and has been designed to be developmentally appropriate and engaging for kids to interact with the content they are learning about in each lesson.